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Light Wood Panel



A couple of minutes of drawing without looking at the paper: follow with your eyes and hand whatever you're looking at, and be amazed at beautiful mark making. Relax in the process not the product!
What started as 30 Days of Doodling - a few minutes a day of time out, no judgement or criticism just pleasure in doing - is now an ongoing project. Click here to join the Facebook Group and here to watch my doodling films.

Coming soon:

30 days of colour

Student work

zoe 3.jpg

Student work

zoe 4.jpg
Doodle 2.jpg

Student work

zoe 9.jpg

Please contact me for further information.

Dooding testamonial


"I joined Catherine's 30 Days of Doodling group on 9th February 2022, thinking I might just last a week; four months on I'm still drawing and experimenting in sketchbooks!


Catherine's enthusiasm and expertise inspired me to try to do a little bit of art every day and her tuition, technique videos and general encouragement boosted my confidence to try new things. I have also learned that failure doesn't matter, it's all part of the learning process, and as a result I now always enjoy my little moments of art therapy. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this group and can wholeheartedly recommend Catherine as an excellent art tutor"

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