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Mentoring and Teaching

I believe everyone has creativity within them; it's what makes us human. My passion is encouraging my students to reconnect and enjoy the experience of art making, especially those who have had a negative experience of art in the past.

Student work

I have been teaching art and music since I was 16 and I'm a fully qualified teacher and early years practitioner.

In the past I have run art sessions for families as well as adults.

I have also been artist in residence at primary schools in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

I love teaching practical skills and mentoring those who need more one-to-one encouragement.

Student work

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Student work

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Please contact me for further information.

Mentoring testimonial


"I met Catherine through her “30 days of doodling” Facebook group and gradually over a few months of daily sketches realised that art is something I want to pursue.  As a mama of two girls it’s sometimes hard to find time to draw and paint or to know what to do next.  I had been following some online tutorials but the next step of making my own art seemed like a giant leap!  Catherine has become my mentor and we meet regularly to discuss next steps and look at realistic goals.  She challenges me to try different things and to get away from tracing and copying.  Sometimes it’s a suggestion of an inspirational artist to look at, sometimes it’s practical help such as how to mix greens and all of the time it’s encouragement.  “You can draw, you can paint, you don’t need a tutorial, you can do it without a photo.  I look forward to seeing it!”.  Catherine is a great inspiration through her own work but more importantly understanding how to encourage me on my own journey.  Since I met Catherine I have gone from not drawing anything to drawing most days."


"In deepest darkest winter lockdown when I was feeling quite low I got in touch with Catherine who I had got to know on a cross country skiing holiday. I asked Catherine if she would teach me to draw as I felt I needed to do something creative. What followed were the most wonderful, fulfilling and uplifting weekly 2 hour zoom classes. Catherine kindly ordered the materials for me as I didn't know where to start and before I knew it I was drawing. I felt so elated by the process. And the results! As the weeks went by Catherine taught me new techniques and whilst I've stopped for the time being I now know it is something not only that I can do but also really enjoy. I can't thank Catherine enough, not only for the great chats we had in the process but also for her patient teaching. It really was a wonderful experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Catherine as an online teacher even if, like me, you think you don't have much talent in that direction. Catherine will not only believe in you but leave you believing in yourself as well."
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